Mission Statement

Schjødt should be the first choice when high values are at stake. We want to be a clear contributor to the development of our society.

The mission statement expresses our level of ambition. The aim is to develop and maintain a culture of excellence based on common shared values, team work and a determination to succeed. Therefore, our standards are high when it comes to professional expertise, business understanding and client service. Our ambitions for the future motivate us to always do the best we can for our clients. Our aim is to be the preferred commercial law firm in Norway.

We blieve and experience that our people, based on this approach, find their work meaningful and stimulating.

Our society develops constantly. Major transactions, regulatory clarifications and lawsuits contribute to this development. We seek to build the proficiency and skills necessary to effectively participate in this development through the work we do for our clients. In Schjødt we have a saying; we have inherited and maintain "a fearless tradition". For us, this means that we, when necessary, are willing to advance and support legal positions and pursue processes that, in our view are important, even though they may not commercially beneficial for our firm.