Social Responsibility

As expressed in our mission statement we wish to contribute to the evolvement and development of our society. Primarily, we achieve this through influencing legislation and its interpretation, taking part in ground-breaking litigation and advising governmental and private clients on matters of major importance to Norwegian business. However, we have also made it a priority to perform pro bono work, seek to prevent or correct injustice and contribute to selected community or charitable services.

We strive for success, including sound partner profitability, yet at the same time many of our lawyers entered the legal profession to "make a difference" and promote justice, a sentiment not based on financial rewards.

Many of our partners are involved with charitable institutions. As a firm we support accepting certain appointments on a non-commercial basis and, as such, many of our lawyers are involved with charitable organisations, cultural institutions etcetera and other non-profit activities. Our lawyers, including our partners, take pride in providing pro bono counseling.

We dedicate significant resources to pro bono work each year, and have established guidelines for the selection and follow up of pro bono cases. For many years we have given priority to cases involving freedom of speech or human rights. Currently, the lawyer in charge of our pro bono programme is partner Vidar Strømme.

We enjoy a close cooperation with the Norwegian Bar Association. The Bar Association has trusted Schjødt with a position in the standing Human Rights Committee, and for several years Schjødt have also actively participated in a scheme that provides free legal advice and representation to refugees and immigrants who have received notice of deportation. In several instances, our efforts have led to a reversal of the expulsion rulings, including successful appeals to court judgments.

In a few exceptional circumstances we have chosen to participate in clarifying or preventing apparent serious miscarriages of justice and we are proud of our contribution, inter alia, in the Liland-case and the murders in "Little Hell", a case that sent shock waves through the Norwegian legal community.

With respect to community ventures, one example is a recently established partnership with a major Norwegian industrial and financial group, supporting their investments in social entrepreneurship.