Knowledge Management

Knowledge forms the basis of our business, the foundation that makes it possible to serve our clients with high quality services. No surprise then, that knowledge management is given our highest priorities, spearheaded by a separate knowledge department. We constantly seek to develop new and innovative measures to enable services of premium quality and efficiency. In addition to the expertise of our professionals, we directly involve our lawyers to tailor the measures to fit each practice area.

An important part in our Knowledge Management program is our knowledge systems, include our developed document base with quality assured documents and examples providing both more efficient and higher quality service, at more reasonable costs to the clients.

We take great pride in our internal educational establishments, the Schjødt School for junior associates and the Schjødt Academy for all our professionals. Through Schjødt Academy, we guide our lawyers through educational program securing all our lawyers a solid set of relevant skills, within legal matters as well as other appropriate subjects such as finance, negotiations, psychology and leadership. In addition to this we offer special activities within certain areas of competence that raise the quality of all our employees.

Through our Knowledge Center we offer our lawyers access to all relevant legal sources. The Knowledge Center offers access to relevant legal literature and electronic information services. Schjødt's collection of legal literature is a complete library on Norwegian legal literature and even contain an extensive selection of international literature. Our Knowledge Professionals support our lawyers in their search for the sources that will secure the quality of our deliverance.


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