Both in business and in law, success can only be achieved on a foundation of respect and trust. As corporate lawyers, our reputation is of paramount importance. We are committed to achieving excellence in our legal skills, our client service and in our professional ethics. We are proud of the fact that our own clients are our best ambassadors.

We have always had a reputation for legal excellence and the quality of our legal advice has always been our no. 1 priority. Surveys show that we are consistently very highly ranked by in-house counsel and by other law firms and we take pride in our reputation as "the lawyers' lawyer." Business understanding and the ability to find innovative and viable solutions for our clients are, in our opinion, the most important qualities in addition to legal acumen and skills.

The above-mentioned factors are uppermost in our minds when we recruit and train lawyers and support staff. Our Schjødt Academy has been specifically designed to develop all the above skills, not just legal competence. Further, we find that our commitment to service, availability and responsiveness, is often mentioned by clients and in international rankings.

Our reputation with clients is vital, but we are well aware that the quality of our relationship and reputation with others involved in our business processes is also of great importance, including law firms, courts and public authorities, banks, financial advisors, regulators and counterparties. Our international experience and proven record of working with quality law firms in other countries ensures that our reputation for quality is as strong on cross-border assignments as on national matters.


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