China Desk Brochure / 中国项目组宣传手册

As an internationally focused law firm, Schjødt has a China Desk dedicated to serving the needs of Chinese investors and companies. In addition to clients already doing business in Norway, many more are looking for profitable ventures and opportunities in the country.

Read our China Desk brochure here (PDF)

Primary contacts

Erlend W. Holstrøm
Elise Chen


Ruseløkkveien 14

P.O.Box 2444 Solli

NO-0201 Oslo


C. Sundts gate 17

P.O.Box 2022 Nordnes

NO-5817 Bergen


Kongsgårdbakken 3

P.O.Box 440

NO-4002 Stavanger


Notenesgata 14

P.O.Box 996 Sentrum

NO-6001 Ålesund


48 Gracechurch Street

London EC3V 0EJ

United Kingdom