Doing Business in Norway / 在挪威发展业务

Schjødt has been working with major international clients for almost a century, mainly US-based within traditional industry sector in the last decades. Norway encouraged global companies to help build up the oil & gas industry in the 60's and 70's and again learned the value of foreign investment and foreign know-how.

This tradition has continued and Norway is now one of the most attractive countries for international business, despite its population of only 5 million people.

Norway can offer Chinese investors:

  • A stable and predictable regulatory environment, primarily based on statutory laws and regulations
  • Legislation harmonised with the European Union, through the EEA agreement
  • Freedom of contract with mandatory law in areas such as consumer protection, employment and competition
  • Simplicity in drafting contracts
  • An impartial and efficient judicial system
  • Low barriers to trade and investments
  • Cost-efficient and timely processes for establishing businesses in Norway
  • A very open and international business environment
  • Excellent English skills in the business community and population




  • 一个主要基于成文法律和法规稳定和可预见的监管环境
  • 通过欧共体经济区协定与欧盟相协调的立法
  • 尊重合同自由,及如消费者保护,就业和竞争领域的强制性法律规定
  • 简单的合同 起草要求
  • 一个公正,高效的司法体系
  • 低贸易壁垒和投资
  • 简洁高效的在挪建立企业的程序
  • 一个非常开放和国际化的商业环境
  • 商业圈和大部分人口都具有优秀的英语表达能力

Doing Business in Norway - English (PDF)
Doing Business in Norway - Chinese (PDF)

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