Key Facts / 修德纪要

Schjødt is one of the largest top tier commercial law firms in Norway, with more than 220 partners and employees. We have offices in London and Norway's major cities.

  • We regularly act on the largest and most complex transactions in the market and has over the last ten years advised on more transactions than any other Norwegian law firm (Source: Mergermarket)
  • Schjødt is Norway's leading law firm for the two most important sectors, the Oil & Gas industry and the Oil Services industry
  • We were the first ever Norwegian firm to win the prestigious "Nordic Law Firm of the Year" from The Lawyer, UK’s leading legal journal
  • We have a significant international market share and more than 50% of our lawyers have legal education and/or working experience abroad
  • Schjødt has a large international legal network and excellent relationships with leading Chinese law firms
  • Our lawyers are the authors of several books and other publications in key legal areas
  • We have an active China Desk with many years of experience in China-Norway related matters including high profile M&A transactions




  • 我们经常处理市场上规模最大,最复杂的交易案例。并且在过去十年中,我们经手的交易案例数超过了其他任何挪威律师事务所(来源:并购市场)
  • 修德作为挪威的顶级律所拥有两个最重要的部门,石油天然气工业和石油服务行业
  • 我们是有史以来首家从英国著名法律期刊赢得了久负盛名的“年度最佳北欧律师事务所”称号的挪威律所
  • 我们拥有重要的国际市场份额,我们的律师超过50%的有海外法制教育和/海外工作经验
  • 修德拥有庞大的国际法律网络,我们与中国顶级律师事务所保有良好的关系
  • 我们的律师是很多专著和主要法律领域的重要出版物的作者
  • 我们有一个相当活跃的中国项目组,具有多年的涉及中国-挪威相关事务的经验, 包括备受瞩目的并购交易案例

Primary contacts

Erlend W. Holstrøm