Digital Innovation & TMT

Our specialist lawyers within Digital Innovation & TMT provide legal advice to leading Norwegian and international providers and purchasers of electronic communication and content services, with particular emphasis on IT services and licensing issues, e-commerce, sector-specific contracts, industrial investments, data protection and regulatory issues. We also regularly assist in contract negotiations, transactions and disputes.

We are one of very few firms in Norway providing a holistic approach to the sector. Our clients include vendors, carriers, operators, content owners and other stakeholders. We also assist leading international companies with strategic legal advice related to commercial and operational issues. Further, our lawyers have extensive experience with industry-specific contracts and regulatory issues, including background from the Norwegian Communications Authority (Nkom).

Our services include:

  • Legislation for e-com, content services, e-commerce and electronic media
  • Industry-specific contracts (access, distribution, interconnection)
  • Data protection, data retention and regulatory issues
  • Networks (mobile, broadcasting, satellite, data)
  • Allocation of frequencies, numbers and domain names
  • E-marketing, e-signatures and electronic payment
  • Transactions, contract negotiations and disputes
  • Industrial investments
  • Design of licensing arrangements and terms of use
  • Protection of rights and concepts
  • Introduction of new services on different technological platforms
  • Development of technology and commercial exploitation

Many of our lawyers have contributed to the Norwegian section of "Getting the Deal Through: e-Commerce 2019". The article deals with e-commerce, online marketing, privacy, domains and tax/VAT issues related to digital services.

Getting the Deal Through: e-Commerce 2019 (PDF)


Primary contacts

Kaare M. Risung
Jeppe Songe-Møller


Dag Sigvart Kaada
Halvor Manshaus
Hugo Berg Otterlei
Jeppe Songe-Møller
Kaare M. Risung
Ole G. Klevan
Tord Fondevik
Anne-Marit Wang Sandvik
Inge Kristian Brodersen
Johanne Førde
Øivind K. Foss
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