Employment & Pension

Our lawyers with expertise in the employment field provide legal advise to Norwegian and international corporations, as well as public entities. We advise on all aspects of labour issues, and have specialists with broad experience in employment dispute resolution.

Our employment practice is regularly recommended in international and national ratings, and the lawyers experience from public service, trade unions and in-house HR work. The group has members in Schjødt's in Oslo, Stavanger, Bergen and Ålesund, and can thus provide immediate local assistance when needed.

Our services inter alia include:

  • Preparation of service agreements and related documents
  • Transfer of Undertakings, mergers, acquisitions
  • Bonus schemes, option arrangements and other incentive programmes
  • Lock-in clauses, confidentiality issues and non-compete matters
  • Working environment issues
  • Data privacy
  • Termination of employment agreements and subsequent negotiations
  • Employee disputes
  • Labour union issues
  • Pension schemes
  • Employee handbooks


Primary contacts

Martin Jetlund
Trond Stang


David Særsten Brambani
Egil Willumsen
Klaus Henrik Wiese-Hansen
Magnus Lütken
Martin Jetlund
Trond Stang
Andrea Cecilie Rakvaag
Anette Øvrehus
Julie Elisabeth Risnes
Karoline Moen Brunstad
Kristin Gotfredsen
Kristine Marie Hersvik
Marie Berggren Hagberg
Marie Nesvik