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The mainstay of any leading firm is high quality, ongoing legal advice to clients, combining legal excellence, business understanding and a commitment to service. Despite the fact that larger companies often have their own legal departments, we see that our clients expect and appreciate guidance and an independent view from a legal advisor that can deliver specialist legal expertise, high quality risk management services and viable solutions.

A number of companies aim to be self-sufficient regarding ongoing legal advisory needs or rely on established routines, document templates and experience to manage the legal risk involved in, for example, seemingly standard contracts, financial management, asset protection, corporate governance, intra-group transactions and regulatory issues pertaining to the enterprise,

At worst, the lack of specialist, independent advisors can lead to unnecessary and expensive litigation or commercial problems which threaten profitablity or even the ability to sustain operations. Legal risk management is a necessary component of good decision-making, which, in turn, generates success. 

Schjødt has an impressive reputation for transactions work and for its track record in the field of dispute resolution. However, we have chosen to maintain and, indeed, further strengthen our skills, experience and capacity in the field of legal advisory services. Our lawyers combine the ability to assess the broader aspects of business and legal risk assessment with the awareness of the need to call on specialists as appropriate. Examples may be industry-specific legislation, intellectual property or complex technical contracts. For many clients, we are strategic, as well as legal advisors.

On occasions our clients are confronted with exceptional legal challenges, maybe involving complex and previously untested legislation or situations where we believe existing interpreatations or judgements could be challenged. Schjødt has established a Special Resource Team to support our lawyers and cleints in such situations, where there is a need for groundbreaking legal analyses, comprehensive legal opinions or, more simply, a sparring partner to help identify alternatives and suggest solutions. The  Special Resource Team includes some of our most specialised lawyers with extensive academic and scientific background.


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