Trade & Industry

Our lawyers specialized in Trade and Industry assist Norwegian and international companies in a wide range of business sectors and services. We provide legal advice in relation to negotiations, contract preparation, transactions and disputes, and we work closely with our colleagues specialized in Tax and Intellectual Property.

Our lawyers have in-depth industry understanding and a thorough knowledge of the individual clients' business. We hold expertise on a variety of business sectors, ranging from mining to computer manufacturing, and from special concepts within trade, to franchising. In particular, we assist with a variety of contract preparations, including delivery contracts, IT contracts, agency agreements and franchise arrangements. Our services include assistance within a wide range of industries and business sectors, disciplines and legislation, with emphasis on:

  • Commercial contracts - negotiation and preparation
  • Import, export, retail, wholesale trade and transportation
  • Production, services and distribution
  • Distribution and agency law
  • Franchise arrangements
  • Production and refining operations
  • High technology products
  • Mining and mineral activities
  • Law of sales


Primary contacts

Ole G. Klevan
Kaare M. Risung


Jeppe Songe-Møller
Kaare M. Risung
Martin Jetlund
Martin Støren
Ole G. Klevan
Per M. Ristvedt
Robert Romansky
Siv Sandvik
Stian S. Tennfjord
Thomas Nordby
Tord Fondevik
Torkel Hope
Anne-Marit Wang Sandvik
Eirik Wold Sund
Hedda Emilie Bratt
Kristin Gotfredsen
Thomas Hagen
Tore Fjørtoft
Øivind K. Foss