Marius Sollund - New partner in Schjødt (EN)

We welcome Marius Sollund as a new partner in Schjødt! He is a tax law specialist and advises companies on corporate tax matters, i.a. in relation to M&A and other types of transactions and corporate re-organisations, cross border- and international tax issues, and general tax advice.

Marius also holds in-depth knowledge of the special energy tax regimes governing the petroleum sector and hydro-electric power sector, covering resource rent taxation, transaction related tax issues, property tax etc. In addition, he assist clients with administrative procedures against the tax authorities, and also litigates tax cases before the courts.

Prior to joining Schjødt he was partner and head of the tax- and VAT team at the law firm Grette, and also holds experience from the law firms Wiersholm and BAHR.

Further, he has in-house experience from the position as Head of Group Tax in EVRY and as seconded Group Legal Counsel to Equinor ASA. Marius has also worked at the Tax Law Department at the Ministry of Finance.


Marius Sollund


12. August 2019