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在2015年,挪威政府指示挪威国家公路管理局 (“NPRA”) 计划三个新的道路开发项目作为PPP项目。这些项目的规划已经成熟,第一个招标项目- 位于海德马克郡(Hedmark) 的3号公路和25号公路预计即将开始,2017年3月中旬发布了资格预审程序的邀请函。而第二和第三个项目预计将在2018年第一季度开始招标。所有这些项目都将为所有外国道路建设公司提供机会,包括中国公司在内。 In 2015 the Norwegian government instructed the Norwegian Public Road Administration (the “NPRA”) to plan three new road development project as PPP projects. The planning of these projects has come very far, and the tendering process for the first project - Rv. 3 and Rv 25 in Hedmark - is expected to commence shortly, with the invitation to pre-qualification-process being issued medio March 2017. The second and third projects are expected to have their tendering processes started during the first quarter of 2018. Each and all of the projects may create opportunities also for foreign road construction companies, including Chinese companies.

The three projects are:


The procurement for the PPP projects will be divided into three legs/stages and follows the procurement procedure for procurements with negotiations according to the Norwegian regulation (forskrift) on public procurements sections 13-2, and 23-7.

First the NPRA will issue an invitation to pre-qualify for the project. The invitation for pre-qualification for rv 3 and rv 25 in Hedmark is scheduled to be issued medio March 2017. The deadline for submitting an application for qualification is scheduled to primo May 2017.

Upon being accepted as pre-qualified for the project the NPRA will hold meetings with each of the qualified tenderers, reviewing the preliminary and proposed concept set out in the individual application for qualification. The deadline for submitting of the first formal tender is scheduled to ultimo September 2017. This is the second leg of the tendering process.

The third leg of the tendering process will be negotiations with the PPP-companies that have been accepted as qualified and submitted tenders, and the submittal of the final and negotiated tender. For the Hedmark project, this leg of the process is scheduled to take place from October 2017 to January 2018.

Further information on the project and a more detailed schedule for the first project can be found by clicking the link below.

So far, a detailed schedule for the remaining two projects has not been set. However pre-qualification is according to the NPRA scheduled to the first quarter of 2018.


  • The new road is approximately 26 km long, and will consist of both 2/3 lane highway (10 km), and 4 lane motorway (16 km). Further the project entails construction of approximately 7 km of pedestrian/bicycle path.
  • The estimated investment is 3,5 to 4 billion NOK.
  • Construction time is estimated to approximately 3 years, with the road opening for traffic in 2021.
  • The operation and maintenance obligation lasts for 20-25 years.


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16. March 2017