Wins in major disputes

In March 2018, there have been two judgments in large and extensive disputes involving significant valueas at stake, both cases assisted by Schjødt. The cases have ended with complete wins.

Schjødt has assisted Volstad Shipping AS in an extensive dispute related to the termination of one of the company's charter parties. The arbitration tribunal ruled that the party was unlawfully terminated by the charterer and gave judgement in favour of Volstad Shipping AS. The shipping company was awarded total compensation of approximately NOK 70 million and legal costs. The case was litigated by lawyers Sven Eriksrud and Marte Kapstad Roen.

Thorstein Heggstad, CEO at Volstad Shipping AS, says:
"Thank you for tireless effort and close follow-up by the Schjødt-team. I have been following this case the entire time and I am impressed by the thoroughness and understanding the lawyers have shown in their work, both during the case preparation and during the arbitration. The assistance from Schjødt has contributed to create great value for us, not only as a result of excellent legal work, but also due to the lawyers having the required insight necessary to ensure the commercial aspects of our business."

Schjødt has assisted Prosafe Rigs Ltd. since the autumn of 2015 in a complex and extensive dispute against Westcon Yards AS. The main hearing took place over several weeks in the autumn of 2017. Prosafe was acquitted for a payment claim of MNOK 300 and was awarded an amount of approx. MNOK 400 (interests included) in the counterclaim. The lawsuit was litigated by Schjødt lawyers Trond Sollund, Vidar Strømme and Andrea Cecilie Rakvaag.

Jesper Kragh Andresen, CEO at Prosafe Rigs Ltd., says:
"The representatives from Schjødt led the case with an overview and a self-esteem that can only be expelled when both the facts and the law of the matter are mastered in every detail. Prosafe is particularly satisfied with the efforts from the lawyers, and not the least, their commitment, as well as with the result. Work well done."

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