Public Procurement

Our Public Procurement experts provide advice on all aspects of the Public Procurement process and legislative framework. Schjødt's comprehensive expertise is used by clients within most sectors, and we assist contracting authorities and contracting entities as well as suppliers to the public sector. Our team is focused on giving both operational and strategic advice.

The rules on Public Procurement are under constant development and perceived by many as complex and formalistic. Our team is dedicated to accommodating the clients' need for specific and solution-oriented advice – not only related to what is possible within the rules, but also what is needed to ensure good value procurements.

We assist contracting authorities and entities with developing procurement strategies, quality assurance of procurement documents and processes, contract drafting, etc. If desirable, we also assist with the practical carrying out implementation of procurement procedures. On the supplier side, we provide quality assurance of tender documents, etc.

Our team of experts has significant experience as to the regulations for the classic public sector, for the defence and security sector and not least for the utilities sectors.

Procuring entities in the utilities sectors are generally considered to be under more competitive pressure than classic public authorities. Thus, they are subject to a less detailed legal framework. Our experts know the regulations and practice of the utilities sectors very well, and they know how to employ the flexibility in order to achieve the most effective procurements.

Due to our top-rank experience in construction and real estate, we have valuable insight in carrying out procurement procedures for large and complex works contracts, including PPP projects (Public Private Partnerships).

The rules on Public Procurement can also play a key role when making other business related decisions, e.g. related to the organization of the public sector (public-public cooperation and exclusive rights), transfer of undertakings and privatization processes. We help our clients finding a room to maneuver and possible solutions.

Enforcement of procurement rules, either before the Norwegian Complaints Board for Public Procurement (KOFA) or before the courts, is an essential part of our legal services. Our procurement experts cooperate with our excellent litigation team. This means that we can act swiftly when necessary, e.g. in order to handle complaints or requests for interim measures. Schjødt is also experienced in handling complaint procedures and litigation before the EFTA Surveillance Authority (ESA) and the EFTA Court.

We offer customized lectures/seminars/training on procurement rules. It is our experience that it is well worth an investment to familiarize oneself with potential procurement issues ahead of a procurement procedure, for contracting entities and suppliers alike.

Our services include

  • Tender documentation and offers
  • Negotiations
  • Complaint (the Norwegian Public Procurement Complaints Board (KOFA))
  • Complaint (Client)
  • Access to documents
  • Direct procurement
  • The Supply Regulations
  • Tender competition
  • Innovation partnership
  • Health and social services
  • Planning and design competitions