Restructuring & Insolvency

Our restructuring & insolvency team is a specialised unit with more than 50 years of experience with financially distressed companies. We advise on restructuring of companies within formal reorganisation procedures as well as out-of-court financial restructurings and also act as bankruptcy trustees and liquidators. Our expertise includes transactions before and after bankruptcy, debt settlement negotiations, creditor recovery and advisory services relating to directors' liability. The team works seamlessly with the banking & finance team in matters related to refinancing, bonds, warranties and securities.

We regularly represent players in the financial sector, such as leading banks and financial institutions in the Nordic countries, investment firms and investment funds. With extensive experience in oil and gas operations, construction, capital and securities market, trade, industry, real estate, shipping, seismic industry, aquaculture and fisheries, assistance from Schjødt will ensure the necessary expertise in crisis management of insolvency situations.

Our team has substantial experience in cross border distress situations, with regular assignments in international matters. We offer seamless integration between our offices in Norway, Sweden and England, and close cooperation with multiple law firms across jurisdictions.

Schjødt's restructuring work is based upon a financial and operational analysis, where collateral security, the various stakeholders and critical factors for further activities form the backdrop for the possible alternatives. The aim of our assistance is to follow the project to a final completion.

If a formal insolvency procedure is necessary, our trustees and administrators represent a vast experience of handling both complex and large bankruptcies and company reorganisations. These cases often involve issues across several areas of commercial law and business sectors and Schjødt's restructuring & insolvency team is well equipped to handle them and works closely with the firm’s other practices.

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Our services include

  • Acting as bankruptcy trustees, administrators of company reorganisations and liquidators
  • Assisting investors in connection with risk and opportunity assessments prior to investments in distressed situations
  • Assisting companies, mortgagees, bondholders, suppliers, customers or other creditors in distressed situations
  • Restructuring of companies and corporations based on legal, operational and financial evaluations
  • Conducting transactions with distressed companies before or after bankruptcy and/or debt negotiations
  • Acting as counsel in insolvency disputes, such as recovery, unlawful value transfer and personal liability
  • Enforcing mortgages, pursuing provisional security and arrest
  • Arrest of vessels and handling forced sales and transactions within the shipping sector