David Særsten Brambani

David Særsten Brambani

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David has extensive experience from his practice as business lawyer, especially in handling large and complex court cases, public procurement cases and IP management.

Before David joined Schjødt he was partner at Arntzen de Besche. He graduated as Cand. jur. at the University of Oslo (UiO) in 2001 and has since then e.g. worked as a deputy judge and as a lawyer in BA-HR. He regularly holds lectures in the field of public procurement and censors master theses at UiO.


  • David represented the defendant(s) in one of Norwegian history’s largest court cases on intellectual property rights. (LG-2012-162195). The plaintiff required a ban on the marketing of the defendant’s multiphase meter (a measuring instrument for use in the oil industry). The plaintiff also claimed monetary damages, of which one of the claims was fixed at NOK 615 million. The court found for the defendant(s).
  • David has acted as counsel in a number of public procurement cases, including cases before The Norwegian Complaints Board for Public Procurement (KOFA) and the ordinary courts. E.g. David counselled the supplier in a case handled by Borgarting Court of Appeal (LB-2014-45516), where the purchaser claimed being entitled to pay NOK 44 million less than what was offered by the supplier. The court found for the supplier.
  • David has provided comprehensive assistance to the construction industry and the transport sector, especially regarding public procurement, drafting of contracts and contractual disputes.


  • Co-author, article: «The inhouse counsel's guide to e-commerce»
  • Co-author, article: "Managing Intellectual Property - Life Science"

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