Morten Sandli

Morten Sandli


Deputy Head of Taxation

Morten Sandli joined Schjødt as a partner in 2014. He specializes in corporate tax and company law.

Sandli was educated at the Faculty of Law of the University of Oslo. Prior to joining Schjødt, he was a partner and head of the tax department at Selmer Law Firm.

His expertise and experience includes tax and company law issues related to transactions and restructurings, both domestically and internationally. Sandli has worked extensively with private equity in general, and real estate in particular, especially with regard to transaction structuring, tax and VAT handling of transaction costs, tax due diligence, interest deduction limitation rules etc. He also assists with complaints and legal proceedings against the tax authorities.

Sandli is frequently used as a speaker on tax law issues, and has lectured in tax at university level.


  • 2014 IFA National Report
  • 2014 "Rentebegrensningsregelen", 2 articles in "Praktisk Økonomi & Finans" no. 1 and 2 - 2014
  • 2013 "Lønn eller kapitalbeskatning? Syntetiske aksjer og opsjoner i arbeidsforhold" (Salary or capital taxation? Synthetic shares and options in employment relationships), Revisjon & Regnskap, No. 6/2013
  • 2013 "Tilsvarende-kriteriet" i fritaksmetoden og EØS-retten ("The similarity criterion" of the exemption method and the EEA law), Revisjon & Regnskap, no.3/2013
  • 2013 IBA National Report
  • 2011 "Skattemessig fradrag for vedlikehold - forholdet til avskrivingsreglene" (Tax deductions for maintenance - the relationship to the depreciation rules) Skatterett, no. 2/2011
  • Various industry articles


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Cand. jur., Universitetet of Oslo, 2004