Øivind K. Foss

Øivind K. Foss

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Øivind has worked at Schjødt since 2014 and assists with dispute resolution, litigation, contracts, and legal advice, particularly within intellectual property (trademark, patent, copyright), marketing, privacy and media law.

He has extensive experience with dispute resolution before Norwegian courts and other authorities, as well as alternative dispute resolution methods such as arbitration, the Norwegian Intellectual Property Office, the Norwegian Board of Appeal for Industrial Property Rights, the Norwegian council dealing with unfair marketing practices, the Norwegian ADR Committee and WIPO ADR. He regularly advises on international disputes. Øivind has prosecuted several high profile cases on copy products before Norwegian courts.

Within contracts, he has extensive experience with research and development, licensing, distribution and IT. He also has experience with the pharma sector, including contracts and regulatory requirements concerning importing and sales of pharmaceuticals.

Øivind previously worked as a research assistant at the University of Oslo Department of Private Law. He has also worked five years with IT support at the Unversity of Oslo. While studying law, he worked as a trainee at the law firms Schjødt, Wiersholm and Wikborg Rein.

Øivind has written and contributed to articles and books on intellectual property rights, media law, privacy law, arbitration, international private law, e-commerce and employment law.


  • Featured as a "Rising Star" in patent law by Managing Intellectual Property: IP STARS (2018).


  • Legal commentary on the GDPR – Foss, Øivind K., «Kapittel IV: Uavhengige tilsynsmyndigheter», in: Personopplysningsloven og personvernforordningen (GDPR) med kommentarer (Jarbekk, Eva, ed.). Oslo: Gyldendal Norsk Forlag 2019, pp. 135 and 398–428.
  • E-commerce in Norway – Songe-Møller, Jeppe et al., «E-Commerce 2019: Norway», in: Getting the Deal Through: E-Commerce 2019 (Bond, Robert, ed.), London: Law Business Research, 2018, co-author of pp. 86–92.
  • Employment law and public policy – Foss, Øivind K., «Arbeidsrett og ordre public», in: Norsk ordre public som skranke for partsautonomi i internasjonale kontrakter (Cordero-Moss, Giuditta, ed.). Oslo: Universitetsforlaget 2018, pp. 346–389.
  • Domain name blocking in response to copyright infringement – Foss, Øivind K. and Songe-Møller, Jeppe, «File Sharing, Streaming and The Pirate Bay: Nordic Perspectives on Website Blocking», in: 22 C.T.L.R. Computer and Telecommunications Law Review 2 (Rennie, M-T Michèle, ed.), London: Sweet & Maxwell, 2016, pp. 37–41.
  • Legal commentary on Norwegian media ethics rules and case law – Helle, Halvard and Strømme, Vidar, Kommentarutgave til Vær Varsom-plakaten, Oslo: Cappelen Damm Akademisk, 2016, co-author responsible for pp. 108–115, 133–163 and 191–204.

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