Sigurd Holter Torp

Sigurd Holter Torp


Sigurd has been a lawyer in Schjødt's litigation department since 1999, and has extensive experience in a wide range of civil and criminal cases.

He was educated at the University of Oslo. From 2001-2003 he worked as a deputy judge at Ringerike District Court and was admitted to the Supreme Court in 2010. Sigurd has extensive expertise in litigation and a significant practice within advise and litigation in relation to business law. He has throughout his career assisted in large and complex disputes, particularly related to media law, contract law, intellectual property rights and white collar crime.


Sigurd is highly ranked in his fields, including in Chambers, Legal500, MiP, Best Lawyers and IAM:

Chambers (2014, 2015 and 2016): " Sigurd Holter Torp is a solid litigator with a "strong commercial mindset." "Sigurd Holter Torp is noted for his expertise in patent litigation and has recently represented Lyse Energi in a dispute relating to infringements of technology ownership rights. "Sigurd Holter Torp is known to deal with contentious matters relating to media and IP law. Recent disputes mandates include technology rights and royalties in the oil and gas industry."

IAM (2014): "Sigurd Holter Torp has honed his trial skills to the sharpest point and effortlessly dispatches a diverse caseload of commercial, civil and criminal matters."

IAM1 (2015): "Heading up the dispute resolution practice, Sigurd Holter Torp is a Supreme Court veteran whose head-turning performance in an infringement dispute against AstraZeneca likewise earns him a place in the upper echelons."

Best Lawyers (2014-2015): "The Best Lawyers' 2014-15 Oslo Media Law "Lawyer of the Year ". Only a single lawyer in each practice area in each community is being honored as the "Lawyer of the Year."


  • In 2010 he represented Peab in the so-called "Vannverkssaken", where the company inter alia was charged with two counts of gross corruption. This was at that time the most extensive corruption case that has been litigated in Norway and the appeal proceedings before the Court of Appeal ran for 14 weeks. The company was acquitted of the corruption charge.
  • He represented Hexal through all the courts in an extensive patent dispute concerning a drug against AstraZeneca. One of the opposing party's patents were ruled invalid.
  • He assists a Norwegian listed company in a complex patent dispute related to the development of technology in the oil industry.
  • He has represented Se og Hør, Fædrelandsvennen and Stena Drilling before the Supreme Court.
  • He has in a number of libel cases represented Verdens Gang and TV2.
  • He has represented Nettavisen in case of privacy, which was won with costs in the Court of Appeal.
  • He represented a major manufacturer of equipment for the offshore industry in a comprehensive patent dispute which was won in the District Court and Court of Appeal.
  • In 2010, he published articles in Lov og Rett on respectively corruption and reopening of civil cases.
  • He has held a number of lectures on inter alia corruption, compliance and information theft for companies, internal lawyers and associations.
  • He has assisted several companies with the preparation of Code of Conduct, including protecting against corruption.
  • He has assisted numerous clients in questioning by Økokrim and in relation to private law investigations.
  • He assisted the employees in a Norwegian listed company that conducted an extensive external investigation of possible corruption conditions.
  • He was defence counsel for Yara International ASA which was charged with two counts of corruption in what is billed as the biggest corruption case as yet in Norway. A fine of MNOK 295 was adopted in 2014.
  • He represented Hæhre Entreprenør in the Court of Appeal in a comprehensive lawsuit filed by Mesta, where MNOK 450 was claimed in damages. The case ran over eight weeks and Hæhre was acquitted.
  • He represented the CEO of Euro Park, who had been dismissed and who with another lawyer lost the action for damages in the District Court. The result was reversed to a win in the Court of Appeal, which awarded compensation for unjustified dismissal, while Europark then also dropped an action for damages against the former CEO of approx. MNOK 30 and compensated his costs.
  • He represented Staur in two comprehensive arbitration cases filed by Rema Industrier, where approx. MNOK 400 was claimed in damages related to the sale of shares in Norsk Kylling AS. Staur was acquitted and awarded legal costs in the first arbitration case, which led to that Rema Industrier then dropped the next case and compensated Staur's costs also there.
  • He represented Norbit in a lawsuit filed by Efkon AG, in which extensive rights to the company's technology was claimed as well as a substantial claim for compensation. Norbit was acquitted and awarded legal costs.
  • He represented Songa Offshore ASA in a lawsuit filed by Arne Blystad AS, which claimed the right to the name Songa, that the listed company would change its name as well as a significant compensation for use of the name. Songa was acquitted and awarded legal costs.


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Cand. Jur., University of Oslo, 1999

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