Club Schjødt

Club Schjødt is our offer to academically interested and engaged students. We believe strongly in teamwork, and Club Schjødt places great emphasis on creating a place for friendly and informal relationships, where we can learn from each other and make each other better. Through membership in Club Schjødt you will receive many good offers for activities. We regularly invite members of Club Schjødt to attend courses and lectures held by our lawyers.

All members of Club Schjødt have access to our knowledge bank for master's theses. We regularly invite students to discuss their master's theses with us, so that we can exchange academic views and provide tips and input. We also offer Schjødt scholarships for writing of master's theses of NOK 30,000, where you also will get a writing space at our offices and guidance from our lawyers.

Every semester we offer a Club Schjødt study group for the third year at UiO (Property law I), and for the fourth year (civil procedure / criminal procedure / criminal law). The study groups have been a great success.

Schjødt is recognized as a leading litigation firm, and every year six students represent Club Schjødt in the Nordic Human Rights Moot Court Competition. This is approved as an elective with 10 credits. The final is in June, in one of the Nordic capitals. The judges are judges from the ECHR and from the Nordic Supreme Courts, and you receive guidance from one of the foremost litigation environments.

Through Club Schjødt you get to know us, and many members of Club Schjødt are therefore also offered a trainee stay in Schjødt - so you can get even better acquainted with us and with our lawyer's work.

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What we can offer


If you wish to experience what it is like to work as an associate and with high level standard skills in Norwegian (both written and oral) you should apply for internship with us. As an intern you will get varied and exciting assignments and challenges, on the same level as our associates. You will be given assignments across all our practice areas, including trial preparation and participation, participation in client meetings and negotiations, draft legal documents, memoranda, formal letters and agreements.

All internships are paid, and normally last from 4 to 6 weeks. We have interns throughout the year in our offices in Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger and Ålesund.


Every fall and spring, the Schjødt Scholarship is awarded to particularly talented students writing a Master's dissertation over a 6 month period.

The grant is of NOK 30,000, and we also provide the grantee with access to an office, our law databases and library, free canteen and mentoring by our attorneys specialising in a relevant area of the law. During the scholarship period, the grantee will be invited to all in-house professional and social events.

Club Schjødt study group

Club Schjødt is our offer to talented and academically engaged students. Based on the success of previous study groups, we will each semester give two study groups the opportunity for sparring and guidance from our talented and committed lawyers.

Club Schjødt study groups are an extra offer for talented and academically engaged students. We adapt the program together with the chosen students, and will of course take into account the students' need for time to follow regular lectures. The program will be based on the students' independence and activity. We will contribute as a knowledge base, source of inspiration and sparring partners, and provide some of our best mentors.

The offer is given to both:

  • Property law I (3rd year UiO)
  • Civil procedure, criminal procedure, criminal law (4th year UiO)

We have a goal of about four to five sessions during the semester. For the 4th year study group we also aim to give the study group an opportunity to be involved in a case for the District Court, the Court of Appeal or the Supreme Court. The study group should consist of 3-5 students. Applications are initially considered individually, but we may consider giving the offer to existing study groups.

Our partners Thomas Horn and Halvard Helle will be responsible for the study group in civil procedure, criminal procedure and criminal law. Both are admidded to the Supreme Court, and work in Schjødt's litigation department. Halvard Helle is also a regular defender in the Supreme Court, and is the chair of the Law Society's Committee on Criminal Justice and Criminal Procedure. Among other things, Thomas Horn holds a doctorate from UiO, is a member of the Law Society's Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure Committee, and has extensive teaching experience in the area.

Responsible for the study group in Property law I will be partner Amund B. Tørum. Amund is a Dr. Juris in property law, is admitted to the Supreme Court, and is responsible for extensive scientific publications and lectures. He is also editor of the Journal of Business Law. Not least, the study group will receive good and committed guidance from our lawyers Andreas Johansen, Edvard Stulien, Anders Ødegård and Tore Fjørtoft.

New links for registration for the next study groups will be posted here.

Moot Court Competition (Prosedyrekonkurransen)

Schjødt is recognized as leading within litigation and alternative dispute resolution. Each year, six students get to represent Club Schjødt in the Nordic Human Rights Moot Court Competition. Most who have been part of this have agreed that this was the best offer in the law study.

The Nordic Human Rights Moot Court Competition is a competition where the topic is the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR). The competition is held every year, and in February / March a written submission is made. The oral finals are in June, in one of the Nordic capitals. The judges are the five Nordic judges from the ECHR, as well as judges from the Nordic Supreme Courts. Key persons in our litigation environment are supervisors for Club Schjødt. The team is given office space at our premises during the work on the competition, and participation is approved as elective (10 credits) at the University of Oslo. Participants use Norwegian as their language.

Register your application here (deadline 21 January 2020) or below.

Read more about the moot court competition for 2020.

As a participant you will receive:

  • Close follow-up and guidance from one of Norway's foremost litigation environments.
  • Opportunity to learn procedural technique and legal method.
  • Place at Schjødt during written and oral preparation and opportunity to get to know the lawyers in our firm.
  • Opportunity to litigate in front of European Supreme Court and ECHR judges during the competition.
  • Approved elective with 10 credits.
  • Great professional and personal development, friends for life and lots of fun!
  • The winning team will also have the opportunity to fight in the European final before the ECHR in Strasbourg.


In collaboration with Elsa Oslo, Schjødt arranges lectures before exams at UiO. The lectures are held by experienced lecturers and take place at Schjødt in Ruseløkkveien 14, Oslo.

New dates and links for registration for lectures at Schjødt will be posted here.